About Us

The Pan-African Citizens Network (PACIN)

This is the latest move in our transformation that will enable us to meet our mandate as a network of national, regional and continental African civil society organisations and citizens. We have established ourselves as a critical Pan-Africanist initiative which facilitates a deeper engagement of African civil society organisations and citizens with regional and continental policies and programmes. Our programming has extended to working towards a continent that has its people at its centre and not governments, and where decision-making is driven by, and accountable and accessible to African citizens. We have utilised invited and claimed spaces to foster substantive and procedural changes within regional and continental mechanisms, and to amplify African citizen voices. We have participated in a wide range of activities and programmes including the organising of the signature Citizens Continental Conferences, ground-breaking research and production of policy briefs on pertinent continental issues like Freedom of Movement in Africa. As a leading knowledge centre on the AU, we have also carried out training, campaigns and mobilisation, and cross-continental exchanges.

Our key thematic areas are: Regional Integration; Peace and Security; Gender Equality and

Women`s Rights; Economic Justice; Democracy, Governance and Human Rights.

This transformation spearheaded by the PACIN Board will enable us to expand the scope of our programming that was previously limited to organising around the African Union. Our contacts will remain the same for the moment as indicated below and we will continue to keep you appraised of further progress in our efforts towards, regeneration, transformation and innovation!

Our History

CCPAU was established in 2007 as an independent network that aspires to broaden and strengthen opportunities for substantive engagement between the African Union (AU) and citizens. CCPAU was established with the mandate to coordinate and facilitate citizens’ engagement with the AU so that it can be a Union that delivers to African peoples and addresses their issues.

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Our Vision, Mission & Goals

PACIN envisions a people driven African Union, which is accountable and accessible to African citizens.

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Our Focus Areas

There are many important sites of policy and decision making that affect the citizens of Africa. Indeed there is a lot that needs to be done with civil society. However, our key focus areas are:

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Our Board Members

The Board is the policy-making organ of CCPAU. It is composed of regional and thematic representatives. The current Board was elected in February 2011 at the first CCPAU General Assembly. The current members are:

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Our Secretariat

The current CCPAU Secretariat was established in 2011. It has a presence in Nairobi, Kenya. The team members are:

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