Dr Chantal Midzié Abessolo

Director of Programmes

Central African Observatory for Rights & Democracy (ODDAC)

Dr. Chantal Midzie Abessolo is the Director of Programmes at the Central African Observatory for Rights & Democracy (ODDAC). Dr. Abessolo is also the Co-founder of the Gender Research Group (GREG) in the Political Science Department (2010), a member of the Organizing Committee for the CENAREST Prize, 2009 Edition and a member of the Group for Political and Defence Studies (2008) as a specialist in Gender Issues. She is also a researcher with CENAREST (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique et Technologique [National Science and Technology Research Centre]) and IRSH (Institut de Recherche en Sciences Humaines [Human Science Research Institute]). She is a holder of a doctorate (NR) in Political Science from the Faculty of Law of Université Nancy 2 (2007). Masters in Ethnology from the Faculty of Letters, Montpellier III (2000), she also has a degree in International Relations (1995), EHEI, Paris XIII.