Our Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

The CCPAU envisions a people driven African Union, which is accountable and accessible to African citizens

Our Mission

To ensure effective civil society engagement with the African Union in the interest of the citizens of Africa.

Our Goals

In order to realise its vision and accomplish its mission, the CCPAU will pursue five organizational goals. These are:

  1.  To promote civil society engagement with the African Union, its organs, institutions and processes.
  2.  To enhance African citizens’ awareness and knowledge of the AU and provide information on its decisions and activities.
  3.  To facilitate continental advocacy initiatives that strengthen democracy, human rights, rule of law, equity and equality etc in Africa.
  4.  To serve as a leading knowledge centre regarding the African Union from an African perspective.
  5.  To promote knowledge on African CSOs expertise, operations and activities particularly to African governments and pan African institutions such as the AU.

Our Values

The CCPAU believes in and upholds the values of:
Social Justice and Equity – being conscious of power in all its forms e.g. gender, language, location, class, race, disability etc.
Accountability – being accountable and demanding accountability from all stakeholders and individuals that we work with.
Credibility– we strive to be respected, legitimate and representative by and of all our key internal and external stakeholders.