Launch of Policy Brief on Civil Society Space: ‘Putting Citizens’ Voice at the Center of Development: Challenging Shrinking Civic Space across Africa ‘

The African Union (AU) has set out a clear vision through Agenda 2063. It is one where the continent’s citizens are front and centre in defining their development agenda and where Africa’s resources benefit all Africans. A critical enabler of this vision is citizens’ right to organise and their ability to speak out against poverty, inequality and injustice. In fact, the AU has designated 2016 as the ‘Year of Human Rights’. Yet across the continent, there is an alarming and growing trend of citizens’ fundamental rights to assembly, association and free speech being restricted. Even the AU is putting into question its commitment to democratic participation, restricting civil society’s attendance at AU summits in Kigali in July 2016 and also for January 2017. For more information Download the PDF English and french version:



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