Media Briefing Issued by Eritrean CSO Group on Deliberation on Human Rights Situation in Eritrea at the 7th Citizens Continental Conference Held from 26 to 28 January, 2017 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


In 2016 a delegation composed of different Eritrean civic and political organizations participated in the 6th Citizens Continental Conference (CCC), where a statement with regards to the human rights situation in Eritrea was issued. This year, another delegation of Eritrean activists, namely Dr Asia Abdulkadir, Dr Bereket Berhane, Ms Helen Gebreab, Mr Michael Embaye and Dr Adane Ghebremeskel attended the 7th CCC representing different civic organizations.

During the three day conference, the human rights situation in Eritrea was debated in a plenary session as well as in a dedicated parallel event. Moderated by Dr Adane, the parallel event provided a space for Dr Asia (the representative of the Eritrean Diaspora in East Africa (EDEA) and the Network of Eritrean Women (NEW)) to present on the state of Eritrean women. These women especially the young women, suffer sexual slavery at the hands of Eritrean military officials during their national military service. Dr Asia also highlighted women’s ordeal at the hands of human traffickers and religious militant groups like ISIS, while fleeing their country…….

Read more on  this link:  Media Briefing issued by the Eritrean CSO group

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