The African Union Chair of the Commission By Dr. Yitiha Simbeye Part 1


The Chair of the African Union (AU) Commission is the head of the Commission that is the organisation’s secretariat, its main task being the implementation of the Assembly’s decisions.[1] The Commission is also responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.[2] Made up of portfolios,[3] the Commission’s mission is to be an ‘…efficient and value-adding institution…’ that drives integration between Africa states, as well as the ‘…development process in close collaboration with African Union Member States, the Regional Economic Communities and African citizens.’[4] In fulfilling such mission, the Chair, who bears the responsibility of leading, is entrusted with the executive management of the organisation. Assisted by a deputy chairperson, 8 commissioners and other supportive staff, they represent the AU; the Chair being the ‘legal representative.’[5]

The administrative management of a multinational organisation is not an easy task, and the Commission has the following values that guide and govern its activities in its efforts to fulfil its mission and create a culture of service for the AU as a whole:

For more information please download PDF: Yitiha Chair Commission Article1-1-1




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