The African Union We Want

The African Union is in the process of drafting a long term visioning process for the African Union, it’s organs and institutions. The African Union Commission is developing its strategic plan 2014-2018. We are inviting citizens, civil society organizations, experts and practitioners to contribute to this process.

Please share with us your views and vision of the kind of African Union you would want to see.

4 Responses to The African Union We Want

  1. Cosmas Taaba November 2, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    The AU should focus on setting economic and social standards before venturing into the more difficult political union. What should salaries of 3 arms of gov. be in relation to professionals? Encourage intra-African trade by having e.g. a committee who reviews exchange rates between African currencies. Encourage bi-lateral agreements between countries. …

  2. Ian Ssali November 2, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    The African Union should shape its institutions and policies on african values and with african values I mean the common principles that african societies share. AU should avoid to apply the useless economic policies imposed by western countries but should consider seriously the economic growth of some asian countries like Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia in the past 30 years and see and potential and the weakness as well of these policies. I am referring to special economic zones ore other ways to protect our businesses. To estabilish the rule of law, wich is useless without a good government. With government I mean a government-form trusted by people, democracy or constitutional monarchy, it doesn’t matter. Then, improving trade amongst member states, protecting our resources from the greedy diplomacy of countries outside Africa and enforce african countries’ interest globally. We don’t have to be any longer the sick man of the world. Member states should be sovereigns .. it could be interesting to see a more integrated region but it is not the time. In this sense I don’t consider enterely the European Union a good example. Well it would be good to share a balanced trade and economic policy and some departments that encourage african culture in all continent. No same-currency. There should be in every government a Minister for the application and guidelines from the AU. One of this guidelines should be the place of public transport and health care services and free education untill the end of High School. Build up policies to bring people of the african diaspora back to Africa at least to help, and tell african people that the West isn’t as perfect as they think. They can do better.

    To promote trade and bilateral agreements with countries in the Mediterreanean and a good knowledge of western concepts and philosophy. We are shaped in a world dominated by Western concepts and ideas which are very different from african general philosophy. I don’t think this is bad but it is important to learn the difference between the West and Africa. Hightening this knowledge and what is the african philosophy is important to let burgeon cultures in Africa. We don’t have to be subjected to what some of us knows a little.

    The only way to solve Africa’s problem is making an economy, a political body, a justice, something that reflects african values.

    African people should prove to themselves and the world that they are able to brandish their destiny without relying on useless aid.

  3. nawas barran October 25, 2014 at 10:32 am #

    the only problem that is making africa fall,is the same problem which clame
    to be the solution of the problem.the problems of africa are the leaders and they are the ones solving the problem.i have never seen a prblem solve a problem.

    that is not the kind of african union we want.we want an african union which is free of curropt leaders and hypocrates.a kind of union which could ease borders and bariers so we the ordinary citizens visit each other.why cant a friend from yaounde visit another at libreville,one from luander cannot go to visit in kinshasa without a visa.what we know is that an african is african.africans are starving at bitam in gabon,key_ossi in cameroon and so many more.this is not the union we want.taking all this in consideration,one would say that au is a the borders and let us pass for we are the united states of africa by nature.they hate it to hear the name but we shall live continue to mention the name until we see the unification of is written africa must unite by nature.a lot of pilars are gone but what is naturally nature can never be on natured.wait for the coming of the seret is a message to the problems.

  4. iccssom December 5, 2015 at 9:00 pm #

    On behave the community at the grassroots and in particular
    the Somali community volunteers are please to put forwards such crucial aspect
    of shaping their fture by as the African citizens the The AU they what
    ,bringing up such though is great and the credits goes to the brain behind such
    initiatives, going in to the point of discussion the AU we want is not a willow
    but a strong ,unshakable, unified ,dedicated AU to stand for the entire
    community and not a boot-licking unit out there to please others –those who call
    themselves the first world but out for the common good of the African nations
    and community . it will be a disgrace for Africa to disintegrate while the rest
    of the world are uniting take for instance EU that has come together as on EU
    community while one the same hand taking in non EU remembers hitherto , in during
    so they had no damn interest of the perception of the rest of the world ,whether
    they might be taken for a threat or not but gave much concentration for their
    aspiration and hope of their respective countries and community . in view of
    this scenario it will be a total insanity to wait such characters to dictate what you should do ,unhappy of seeing a
    unified Africa but a continent in which encompasses countries that are either
    at logger head or are not in good terms.

    We are in a mad world where some few countries like USA and
    EU today call you a hero a friend, good government and tomorrow out a sudden
    they turn themselves as enemy with a fabricated lame excuses- especially when you are completely working on the interest of own community and driving displeasure where their interest collide with that of the community.

    Africa has to enfranchise themselves with hidden chains with
    malice like Commonwealth African nation ,Franco phone and the like that draws a line of indifference’s between the African therefore AU should stand strong for the countries under the Africa continent and further strengthen and never give in any thing whatsoever any notion, dictation, friendship and the like that might be to the detriment of a more united AFRICA , its worth to note that this
    cannot be realized by empowering and including the African community. =
    together we can.